Small Format Signage

Our small format signage such as blockout signs & LED flanges are high-quality double-sided signs

Would you like to make sure your business sign is conveying the message from multiple directions? Our small format signage such as blockout signs & LED flanges are high-quality double-sided signs that are printed & lit according to your advertising objective. Blockouts signs can be customized in any shape and color of your choice. While flange is one of the most attention-drawing signages that can be used indoor or outdoor. This lightbox-looking sign can be lit with longer-lasting LEDs to draw customer attention even from afar.

The Sign Company offers a complete range of Small Format Signage Manufacture including solid acrylic letters, double side Blockout signages, led Blockout signages, double side LED flange, and more. Our signage solutions are designed as per modern-day decor trends, these sleek and shiny boards come with the assurance of longevity and weather resistance.

Counter Top Units (CTU) & Free Standing Units (FSU)

The premium for space is one of the biggest challenges brands face in commercial environments. And the best way to take advantage is by placing the products on countertops. Countertop display units are ideal for small to large products that are newly rolled out or to display special products that are promoted. These versatile signages allow brands to convey offers in a cost-effective manner.

To stand out among a vast variety of brands, you need to change the way you operate and Freestanding units can help you grab maximum attention. Free-standing display units (FSDU) elevate your brand, maximize visibility, and enhance brand appearance. These promotional elements build brand awareness and elevate the impact of your promotions.

Point of Purchase (POP) & Point of Sale Materials (POSM)

Point of Purchase and Point of Sale materials are known to influence shoppers. These are the best marketing communication tools that orient purchase in retail stores. POP and POSM signages focus on customers' in-store experience by bringing attention to special brands or offers. These promotional tools highlight brands against all other similar products crammed in the retail store.

The Sign Company is a team of POP, POSM marketing, industrial design, and production experts. We combine imagination & creativity to build highly customized marketing signages. Our signage solutions are made keeping the axiom in mind “if the shopper does not see it, he will not buy it”.

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