Digital Signages

Highly engaging signage that uses static, motion graphics, and video content

Bespoke digital signage solutions give you the ability and flexibility to communicate with your customers. Digital signage like LED Video Walls, LED scrolls, Digital Kiosks, etc create a visually impressive expression on the audience. These types of signages are widely used across industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Shopping Malls, Education, Advertising Networks, Community & Religious Organizations, etc.

Our Digital Signages Design solutions are designed to engage with customers, pass foot traffic, promote special offers, display product information, and more. The Sign Company can create digital video walls, and scrolls that scale the size of a building or create signage for traditional LED board settings. Our LED signages allow for boundless opportunities to create a truly immersive space. Their ultra-high-resolution and lightweight features make them the most popular of all new-age signage.

LED Video Walls

LED signages are modern-day marketing materials, a choice not of businesses but of the new-age customers. LED video walls are highly stunning displays that are known to reflect a brand’s reputation to its fullest. The LED video wall panels can be assembled and programmed to accommodate any kind of content - from brand awareness to marketing.

The Sign Company, owing to years of industry experience, understands the importance of digital marketing techniques. And to help businesses expand their marketing efforts we provide LED signages & video wall solutions for a wide range of different applications, resolutions, and sizes.

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