Flanges come in a variety of types such as thermoform Flanges, Rotating Flanges, Lit and Non-lit Flanges. These signs are cutting-edge outdoor marketing & advertising tools. Conventionally, Flange signs were used to decorate the facade and announce the name of the store but today they are much more dynamic. They can be rotating and be lit with LEDs to add that sophisticated and engaging edge to the store. Moving and lit content attracts much more attention from passersby efficiently while consuming minimal energy.

The Sign Company manufactures wall-mounted flange, acrylic flange, lollipop flange display, printed, non-lit, and LED-lit flanges that are highly customizable. The display signs are made according to your exact specifications. There are endless possibilities when it comes to design, shape, color, and size. We can fabricate the display flange with high-resolution graphics of your choice and mount it on the panel that achieves the highest visual impact.

The Sign Company brings more than 25 years of expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality indoor and outdoor Branding, Signage and Retail Display Solutions. Our quality assurance program includes designing, prototyping and value engineering to meet budget criteria and produce superior quality products.

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