Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs helps businesses that are forever striving


Outdoor signs helps businesses that are forever striving to make an immediate, positive and lasting impression on potential customers. When customers are visiting your store or site, Outdoor signs is the first they notice. Channels letters, on-shop signage, Pylons, Directional Signs, Safety Signs, etc are a few types of outdoor signs your business may need to convey the right message at the place and at the right time.

The Sign Company is an all-round solution for all your business and commercial signage needs. We develop and manufacture signage in all sizes, colors, and designs. The beauty of our bespoke outdoor signs is that we create signage that perfectly reflect your business.

Channel Letters

hannel letters are one of the most Best Outdoor Signage Design. They are often internally lit signages which makes them visually appealing. Channel letters are customizable letters found on storefronts, malls, public buildings, and offices. Channel letters are made from acrylic. The illumination is impacted by LEDs or neons.

The Sign Company offers a wide range of LED signage & channel letters that can be painted in custom colors. We offer channel letters of any size and dimension. These weather-resistant signs can be designed in most font and color combinations. We use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely produce the signage as you desire.

On-Shop Signage

We believe in creating maximum visual impact. A well-designed shop front respects the building itself and it is one of the key elements in getting customers through the door. And in order to stand out, an eye-catching shop front sign is an essential marketing tool.

To give that excellent first impression, The Sign Company provides impressive modern technology-enabled retail signs. As a signage solution company in India, we offer full design, manufacture, and installation of shop front signage across the country.

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