Feb, 2021

Ever wondered why you find neon signs so attractive than all the other LED signs? Because they just feel better. Neons are captivating, colorful, bright, and aesthetic. The lighting has always won the appreciation of audiences.

But the beauty of it comes with a price - traditional neon lights (made of glass) are not easy to use, especially for domestic and commercial lighting. And that’s why modern LED neons are growing popular each passing day.

Neon vs. LED Neon

Neon lights are hand-crafted glass tubes with neon gas inside. The gas helps the glass tubes glow from reactions that emit fluorescent colors due to the release of energy. But neon lights have a high risk of damage as they are very fragile.

The glass tubes are beautifully crafted by very skilled people - who are fewer by the day. If any repairs are required, only those skilled people can do it, which makes repairs a challenge.

One of the dynamic features of neon lights is that the current automatically stops flowing when the tubes get damaged to prevent unwanted accidents. It is due to such properties neon lights are expensive and their maintenance even costlier.

LED neon signs are the modern-day replacement of neon lights. They are an identical twin of neon lights but are made of plastic and lit by LEDs. While neon lights have tantrums to manage, LED neons overcome the problems of glass neons. They are light, more protected, energy-efficient, and wrapped with their own polymer jackets.

Hence, LED neon signs are more efficient than traditional neon lights used in business signage.

Benefits of LED Neon Signs

  • Life: No fear of damage, cracking, or breakage. They last longer, much longer.
  • Animation: This is the second biggest differentiator. Glass neons are very difficult to animate or make light patterns with. LED neon signs can be easily programmed to light up as per customer requirement.
  • Cost-efficient: They are significantly cheaper than glass neons.
  • Energy-efficient: Large neon lights can go upto kw rating in terms of energy consumption while LEDs are energy efficient and use just a fraction of what traditional neon uses.
  • Brightness: LED neon signs are brighter.
  • Maintenance: Almost maintenance-free & lower running costs.
  • Safety: LED neon signs are shock-proof, free of detrimental materials like mercury or phosphor.

What’s advertising if it’s not in the trend?

In business signage, LED neon signs are #trending. Their bright, clean, modern look is proving extremely popular & leading to newer applications.

Due to their extraordinary brightness, LED neon signs can be seen glowing even during the day. They can be popped on the counter or hung on the wall. They can be as large as you want or as small as the place you want to place them in. They can be statically designed or can be highly customized.

If you’d like to have custom LED neon signs designed & manufactured for your brand, contact Entech Signs & Displays today

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