Feb, 2021

signs have become one of the widely used means of communication with customers. Irrespective of how big or small they are, they are bound to grab customer attention and convey the right message. LED signs for businesses play a significant role. While brand-specific signage is critical to success of a brand, generic signs are often an overlooked component in a store. Open LED signs while simple and unobtrusive can be an important tool for driving customers to your storefront.

So, here we present some of the most important generic LED signs a business must be using:

LED Open Signs

Why hang these signs at the entrance of your store? Because it makes good business sense. Flashing indoor/outdoor LED open signs invite audiences to look in the direction of your store.

These recognizable lighted signs, powered by high-quality LEDs, are highly durable and provide excellent brightness during the night as well as the day. The cost involved in leaving the sign lit during the daytime is negligible. Entech Signs & Displays offers LED open signs in different sizes, colors, and designs that come with their own hanging chains. You may think it unnecessary to have these signs hung up but what seems obvious to you may not be obvious to your audience. As a business owner, you should dust off the doubts and begin to get customers walking inside your store.

LED Welcome Signs

Customers walk into a store for several reasons. Some may be window shoppers, some casual browsers and some may actually be looking for surprising deals on products/services. And LED welcome signs have the power to influence customers’ confidence and make the store feel inviting for your guests. Welcome signs actually make customers feel welcomed.

LED Exit Signs

How would you find your way out in a strangely new place? And especially in case of an emergency. You need to help your customers easily navigate their way to safety in case there is a fire in the building or an event that demands the place to be evacuated immediately. A fire breakout blocks vision and LED exit signs direct audiences their way out of the door. Illuminated emergency exit signs are a must for every store. In fact, they are to be implemented by the Indian standard of ‘code of practice for fire safety of buildings’.

Entech Signs & Displays provides illuminated LED exit signs in different colors, sizes, shapes, and dimensions as required by your business.

LED Sale Signs

Extra exposure? Yes, please!

Ask a real estate agent or a retailer what amount of crazy traffic a sale sign can drive. LED sale signs are immediate attention grabbers. Those walking or driving by cannot ignore the illuminated message set up for them. If the design of the sign is highly appealing, congratulate yourself for gaining additional customer walk-ins. LED sale signs are not only a cost-effective way of advertising but it also gives better returns. Order custom LED sale signs with Entech today.

Whatever your advertising objective is, Entech delivers custom bar signs aligned with your business requirements.

Got any more sign ideas in mind? Get in touch with us to have them designed today.

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